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At Bowden Architecture we believe in better living through better design. The need for people to interface with and thrive within the spaces where they work, live, and play is crucial. As design professionals, we recognize no difference in the importance of crafting of interior and exterior space. Our clients value beauty, function and impression that a well-conceived design brings to visitors and occupants alike. Yet before the first line is drawn, we engage our clients in a discussion of their goals and desires for the spaces they will use and enjoy. The essential exercise of “programming” allows us the opportunity to interview and design specifically for each individual precise operational, technical and spatial design needs. The resulting project unifies need, want, and practice into an identifiable whole.

There is no single design style at Bowden Architecture. Our team concept pairs thoughtful solutions with client needs. While every client is unique, since 1985 our work in the practice of Architecture, Interior Design, Strategic & Master Planning and Historic Preservation enables us to draw a wealth of experience to fulfill the goals of our clients. Since the majority of our work comes from repeat clients, we believe that our patrons recognize us as valued partners.

Our staff is a diverse and talented group whose work has gained the confidence of our clients, while gathering the accolades of our profession. Since its inception, Bowden Architecture has been recognized with numerous local and state awards for excellence. Founding Principal H. Don Bowden has received national recognition for his contribution to the professions of Architecture and Interior Design.

We are grateful for the opportunity to illustrate what we have done for our clients and what we can do for you.