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Since its inception, Bowden Architecture has been recognized with numerous local and state awards for excellence. Founding principal H. Don Bowden has received national recognition for his professional Architecture and Interior Design.

Professional honors include Awards from The Alabama Chapter of the American Society of Interior Design (ASID), United States Air Force, and other state and local charitable groups.

H. Don Bowden has been published in Southern Living, Mobile Bay Monthly, ASID Icon, The Wall Street Journal and Drapery & Window Covering Magazine.  He has been cited in the New York Times, Wall Street journal, Real Simple Magazine, Mobile Press Register, Architectural Record, The Chicago Tribune and numerous other newspaper and magazines nationwide.  He has served as a juror for the Naval Facilities Design Awards and CEDIA design awards.

awards 2019

  • 1st Place Bathroom Renovation – Lynn Bathroom
  • 1st Place Philanthropy – Mobile Museum of Art
  • 2nd Place Corporate – Armbrecht Jackson
  • 3rd Place Large Residential – McGuire Residence
  • Best in Competition, Special Project – Mobile Museum of Art

awards 2018

  • 1st Place Outdoor Space – Bosarge Residence

Awards 2017

  • Industry Partner Choice – Mobile Museum of Art
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 1st Place Kitchen Renovation – Maisel Residence
  • 1st Place Institutional – Mobile Museum of Art
  • 1st Place Renovation – Hutchinson Manufacturing
  • Best in Competition – Hutchinson Manufacturing
  • 2nd Place Outdoor Space – Lynn Residence
  • 2nd Place Small Residential – Lynn St. Pete Residence
  • 3rd Place Single Space – Lynn Residence

Awards 2016

  • 1st Place Commercial Renovation – Prism Systems
  • 3rd Place Commercial Renovation – Personal Edge Fitness
  • 2nd Place Large Residential – Smith Residence
  • 2nd Place Small Residential – Jeffress Residence
  • 3rd Place Bathroom Renovation – Laden Bathroom

Awards 2015

  • 1st Place Single Space Commercial – Pulmonary Associates Lobby
  • 1st Place Institutional – Mobile Museum of Art
  • 1st Place Bathroom Renovation
  • 2nd Place Bathroom Renovation

Awards 2013

  • 2nd Place Residential – McCaskey Residence

Awards 2012

  • 2nd Place Health Care – Enterprise Rehab
  • 3rd Place Kitchen Renovation – Sharp Kitchen

Awards 2011

  • 1st Place Residential – Hammer Residence
  • 2nd Place Residential – Anderson Residence
  • 2nd Place Bathroom Renovation – Kessler Bath
  • 2nd Place Single Space – McGuire Living Room

Awards 2010

  • 2nd Place Residential – McGuire Residence
  • 3rd Place Historical Renovation – Ashland Place UMC Sanctuary
  • 2nd Place Institutional – Ashland Place UMC

Awards 2009

  • 2nd Place Historical Preservation – Tampary Mansion
  • 3rd Place Bathroom Renovation – Kessler Bathroom
  • 2nd Place Residential –  Bronstein Residence

Awards 2008

  • 1st Place Institutional – Ashland Place United Methodist Church Basement
  •  3rd Place Corporate – Armbrecht Jackson Foley, AL
  •  3rd Place Residential – Jellenc Residence

Awards 2007

  • The Alabama Chapter of the American Society of Interior Design – Selected H. Don Bowden, FASID, as Alabama’s Design Star 2007 in the field of Architecture, Interior Design – Commercial and Interior Design – Residential

Awards 2006

  • 1st Place Retail – Personal Edge Fitness
  • 1st Place Institutional – Wesley Foundation – Student Center
  • 2nd Place Residential –  Maisel Residence
  • 2nd Place Small Residential –  Smith Residence

Awards 2005

  • 2005 National Recognition – Department of The Air Force Design of Distinction Award in Interior Design for Keesler Air Force Base Command Center.

Awards 2002

  • 3rd Place Corporate – Masland Carpet Office

Awards 1997

  • 1st Place Adaptive Re-Use – Bowden Architecture Office
  • 2nd Place Residential – Pittman Residence
  • 1st Place Residential – Bowden Residence